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Adler & Partners is an international consultancy firm focused on providing high net worth individuals with the ability to apply for residence and citizenship by investment programs in different countries. Our team of highly qualified experts work together as one within our global network of partners, to serve the increasing demand for second citizenships within the international community of entrepreneurs and investors.

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The  Greek Golden Visa program is one of the most affordable residence-by-investment programs that provides access to Europe. Successful applicants and their families are able to benefit from visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area within three months of applying. After residing in Greece for 7 years, the applicant may apply for citizenship via the process of naturalization. This can be achieved if the applicant can demonstrate that they have established close ties with the country and that they have successfully integrated into Greek society, both financially and socially and have adequate knowledge of the Greek language. 

Minimum Investment
1 years
Become a EU citizen
0 months
Become a EU resident

The Greek Permanent Residency Program offers the lowest cost entry route to obtain EU residency for the entire family.


Option #1

Real Estate investment.
Investment starting at €250,000.
Residency is granted for 5 years.
Can invest in multiple properties.

Option #2

Lease or timeshare options available.
The lease has to be kept for 10 years.
For timeshare the investment is for government approved hotel projects.

Option #3

The Timeshare option can also be a furnished tourist residence.
They must be registered with the National tourism organization.


Euro Zone

With permanent residency you can legally withdrawal and safe keep your capital in hard currency of Euros.

Shenghen Travel

You can travel freely with no passport controls to all 26 European Union countries part of Schengen area.

Second Residence

You can have dual residency, giving you personal security, capital safety and access to a good health care system.

Family Benefits

Your children, parents and even grandchildren will be able to join the visa program under a joint application.

Business Benefits

You have the ability to hold shares and receive income from dividends of a company in Greece.


There is no expiration date with the permanent residency as long as you maintain your investment.

Quick Application

Greek residency can be obtained within 3 months. There is no need to reside in Greece permanently.

Greek Residency

If you sell your property to a non-EU citizen it is possible to automatically transfer it to the new investor.


• Main applicant must be 18 years old and above.

• Visit Greece once to appoint a proxy such as a lawyer.

• Afterwards the application can be completed online.

• Don't need to live in Greece to retain or renew visa.

• Outstanding character and hold no criminal record.

• Have excellent health and a high personal net worth.

• Have a private medical insurance.

• Can include children below 24 years old and spouse.


Step 1: Investment selection

Our citizenship advisers will evaluate your personal circumstances and assist you in selecting investment options most suitable for you, matching the required criteria to ensure a successful application.The Client can select the Greek property remotely and Adler & Partners starts preparing property purchase documentation required to be presented for Residency application.

Step 2: Document collection and submission

A detailed checklist will be provided, including proof of investment documentation which will then be submitted by our team to apply for the residency application. The complete application for a residence permit by real estate acquisition along with all supporting documents confirming investment in real estate will be submitted to the Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigration.

Step 3: Permanent residency received

The processing of application then starts after proof of submission which usually takes approximately 60-90 days. The proof of submission is valid for one year and allows the holder to travel to and from Greece as often as they wish. Once the application is reviewed and the decision is made by the Secretary-General of the Decentralized Administration, the applicant will be notified. The applicant will receive their five-year residence permit which will allow them to enjoy living in Greece for a five-year period, as well as visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone. After residing in Greece for seven years, the applicant may apply for citizenship.

Step 4: Citizenship Application

The applicant will receive their five-year residence permit which will allow them to enjoy living in Greece for a five-year period, as well as visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone. After residing in Greece for seven years, the applicant may apply for citizenship.


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