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Warriors Of Future Subtitles English

The two Future Warriors return to the Time Nest, where they are congratulated by Elder Kai and Chronoa. Elder Kai notes that though the Time Machine ended up totaled, it is okay as it occurred in the original timeline and Chronoa adds that the correction was a success as Bulma would fix up Cell's Time Machine for Future Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta to use. However Chronoa soon notice another scroll showing a history change. Elder Kai asks if she is sure and Chronoa notes it is from after the point in which Bulma had repaired Cell's Time Machine when Trunks took Goku and Vegeta into the future. Elder Kai notes that it was in the future timeline when Future Zamasu showed up. Elder Kai explains that Zamasu was once an apprentice Supreme Kai who used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku after he noticed how much power Goku had and became Goku Black. He then explains that Black teamed up with the Zamasu of Trunks' timeline so they could work together to rid the universe of humanity. Elder Kai notes that while he may have only been an apprentice, he doesn't like the idea of sending them to deal with the gods' mistakes, but notes they are the only ones they have capable of stopping Zamasu. Both are sent to Age 796 where they join forces with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in confronting Goku Black. Vegeta recognizes the warrior from the previous battle with Black. Black notes that no how many fighters join in the results will be the same. Goku offers to join in, but Vegeta tells he doesn't need any help and for all of them to stay out of his way, causing Elder Kai to note how scary Vegeta can be, before stating it isn't the time for that as Goku Black is strong enough but he keeps getting stronger now. Chronoa states they both know what to do and to concentrate on holding off Black. Goku Black is impressed by the power of both warriors and decides to show them something as a reward, leading him to transform into his Supervillain Mode empowered Super Saiyan Rosé form.

Warriors of Future subtitles English




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