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Shadowbane Gold

Introduced on July 21st, 2004 in Patch 3: Secrets of Power, the Resource system introduced several new components to Shadowbane. Mines were added to the center of every macrozone, excluding Pandemonium and the Starting Island macrozones. The capture of these mines during their Window of Opportunity results in gold or other resources being transferred directly to the capturing city's warehouse on an hourly basis.

shadowbane gold

At the current exchange rate, Manfred estimates he has $397 trillion worth of WildStar gold. This is obviously an outlandish number, but, essentially, his income was only limited by the real-life market for the in-game currency.

Whats with the light at the top? I liked the effect on the gold on the top render. The bottom one was what I was talking about for the emit. The metal could be more shiny (ray mirror). Also the eyes would look better a little darker (my opinion) Also radiosity rendering would look good.

Return to the Wawnet Inn and give the six bottles of Shadowbanish Wine to Nerussa, who will promptly pay you 1,000 gold in return. She will also inform you that she will pay 100 gold for each additional bottle of Shadowbanish Wine you bring in.

You learned that she is the only ever ventured out for so long. Like her sisters, she is created to appear beautiful in the eyes of men, with a face that rivals art itself, and a thick pelt of shimmering golden feathers covering the top of her head and the end of her limbs. Unlike men, she has talons instead of hands, and they prove to be an effective weapon should she need to defend herself. 041b061a72

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