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SSK 001 Katty Angels In The 40

SSK 001 Katty Angels in the World: A Documentary About Animal Activism

SSK 001 Katty Angels in the World is a podcast episode and a documentary film that explores the world of animal activism and rescue. The podcast episode was released on April 14, 2020 by Exploring The World Of English By Syed Saadat Ali Shahlkjh, a podcast that covers various topics related to English language and culture. The documentary film was created and produced by Katty, a vegan animal activist and filmmaker who dedicated her life to saving animals from abuse and exploitation.

In this article, we will review the podcast episode and the documentary film, and discuss the main themes and messages that they convey.

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The Podcast Episode

The podcast episode is a 27-minute audio recording that features an interview with Katty, the creator and executive producer of the documentary film. Katty shares her personal story of how she became an animal activist, and what inspired her to make the film. She also talks about some of the challenges and risks that she faced while filming in different countries, and how she managed to capture the stories of various animals and their rescuers.

The podcast episode is informative and engaging, as it gives an insight into the behind-the-scenes process of making a documentary film. It also highlights the passion and dedication that Katty has for her cause, and how she hopes to raise awareness and compassion for animals through her work.

The Documentary Film

The documentary film is a 90-minute feature that follows Katty as she travels around the world to document the lives of animals who are suffering from human exploitation. The film showcases the stories of animals who are rescued from factory farms, slaughterhouses, fur farms, circuses, zoos, and other places where they are abused and mistreated. The film also features interviews with animal activists, rescuers, sanctuaries, and organizations who are working to protect and care for these animals.

The documentary film is powerful and emotional, as it exposes the cruelty and injustice that animals face every day. It also celebrates the courage and kindness of those who are fighting for their rights, and shows the beauty and personality of each animal who is given a chance to live a happy and free life.

The Themes and Messages

Both the podcast episode and the documentary film share some common themes and messages that aim to educate and inspire the audience. Some of these themes and messages are:

  • Animals are sentient beings who have feelings, emotions, intelligence, and individuality. They deserve respect, dignity, and freedom from harm.

  • Human exploitation of animals is not only unethical, but also unsustainable, unhealthy, and harmful to the environment. We need to rethink our relationship with animals, and adopt a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Animal activism is not only about saving animals, but also about saving ourselves. By helping animals, we are also helping ourselves to become more humane, empathetic, and conscious.

  • Animal activism is not easy, but it is rewarding. It takes courage, commitment, and sacrifice to stand up for what is right, but it also brings joy, fulfillment, and hope to see positive changes in the world.


SSK 001 Katty Angels in the World is a podcast episode and a documentary film that explore the world of animal activism and rescue. They are both informative, engaging, powerful, and emotional works that showcase the plight of animals who are exploited by humans, and the efforts of those who are trying to save them. They also convey some important themes and messages that challenge us to rethink our relationship with animals, and inspire us to take action for their rights.

If you are interested in learning more about animal activism and rescue, you can listen to the podcast episode here, or watch the documentary film here. You can also visit Katty's website to find out more about her work and projects.


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