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Sakthi Shanmugaraja Amman Songs 21

Sakthi Shanmugaraja Amman Songs 21

Sakthi Shanmugaraja is a popular Tamil singer and composer who is known for his devotional songs on Goddess Amman, the South Indian mother goddess. He has released many albums of Amman songs, such as Angali Thayea, Veppilai Nayagi, Manjalile Neeradi, and more. His songs are filled with devotion, emotion, and melody, and are widely listened to by the devotees of Amman, especially during the auspicious month of Aadi.

In this article, we will explore some of his best Amman songs from his latest album, Sakthi Shanmugaraja Amman Songs 21, which was released in 2023. This album contains 10 songs that praise the various forms and aspects of Amman, such as Angalamman, Nagathamman, Samayapuram Mariamman, Periyapalayathu Amman, and more. The songs are composed by Sakthi Shanmugaraja himself, and are sung with his characteristic voice and style.


Angali Thayea

The first song in the album is Angali Thayea, which is dedicated to Angalamman, the guardian goddess of villages. Angalamman is also known as Angala Parameswari, and is believed to be a form of Parvati or Durga. She is worshipped as the protector of the people from evil forces, diseases, and calamities. She is also associated with rain and fertility, and is celebrated during the Aadi Thiruvizha festival. The song praises her as the mother of all beings, who showers her grace and blessings on her devotees. The song also describes her appearance, attributes, and miracles.

Veppilai Nayagi

The second song in the album is Veppilai Nayagi, which is dedicated to Veppilai Nayagi, another name for Nagathamman or Nageshwari. She is the snake goddess who is worshipped for curing snake bites, skin diseases, and other ailments. She is also revered as the giver of wealth, wisdom, and prosperity. The song invokes her as the goddess who resides in the neem tree, which is considered sacred and medicinal. The song also requests her to remove the obstacles and sorrows of her devotees.


The third song in the album is Samayapuratha, which is dedicated to Samayapuram Mariamman, one of the most famous and powerful forms of Amman. She is the goddess of justice, who punishes the wicked and rewards the righteous. She is also the goddess of health, who cures diseases like smallpox, chickenpox, measles, etc. She is worshipped at the Samayapuram temple near Tiruchirappalli, which attracts millions of pilgrims every year. The song praises her as the supreme goddess who rules over all the worlds, who grants boons to her devotees, and who destroys their enemies.


The fourth song in the album is Periyapalayathamma, which is dedicated to Periyapalayathu Amman, another name for Pachaiamman or Pavalavalli. She is the goddess of greenery and nature, who nourishes all living beings with her compassion and generosity. She is also the goddess of peace and harmony, who resolves conflicts and disputes among people. She is worshipped at the Periyapalayam temple near Chennai, which is situated on the banks of the Arani river. The song praises her as the mother of all creatures, who bestows happiness and prosperity on her devotees.

Other Songs

The album also contains six more songs that are dedicated to different forms of Amman, such as Vadivudaiamman, Kadumbadi Chinnamman, Ellaiamman, Gangaiamman, Kanni Amman, and Saptakanni Amman. These songs describe their legends, attributes, and temples, and express the devotion and gratitude of the singer and the listeners. The songs are composed in various ragas and talas, and are enriched with poetic and musical devices. The songs are also catchy and easy to sing along, making them suitable for personal and communal worship.


Sakthi Shanmugaraja Amman Songs 21 is a wonderful album that showcases the talent and devotion of Sakthi Shanmugaraja, who is one of the leading singers of Amman songs in Tamil Nadu. The album is a tribute to the various forms and aspects of Amman, the mother goddess who is worshipped by millions of people across South India. The album is a must-listen for all the devotees of Amman, who will find solace, joy, and inspiration in these songs.


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