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Mainland is also referred to as an onshore company. It has been provided a license by the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate which  allows it to do business in the local market as well as outside the UAE without any restrictions. In common analogy, any company which has been set in the United Arab Emirates under the government authority is considered a mainland company.


Industrial License

Companies involved in the manufacturing and production of goods require this license. The manufactured items may be ready to sell or required by another manufacturer.

Tourism License

There are three types of travel related activities that require this license. Operator of inbound tourism, operator of outbound tourism, and for a travel agent.


Professional License

A company with a professional license can be 100% foreign owned. This type of license is required for services based on skill or academic knowledge.

Commercial License

This license is for companies that are involved in activities related to the buying, selling of goods and services.

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Off-Shore Company Setup

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