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UAE Golden Visa: Latest Updates 2022

Do you intend to move to the UAE? In that case, you can qualify for a UAE Golden Visa. With this visa, international nationals can reside and work in the UAE without the need for employer sponsorship.

The UAE government's 2018 introduction of the UAE Golden Visa program has since drawn several investors from all over the world. It has many wonderful advantages, and practically anyone can apply. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about this opportunity.


In 2019, the UAE started to grant Golden Visas, which are ten year residence permits given to investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals and exceptional talents. Getting a Golden Visa through real estate investment formerly required AED 5 million for a 5 year visa which has now been lowered to AED 2 million for a 10 year visa.

This Visa has no restrictions on the duration of stay in the UAE & gives investors the opportunity to buy off plan units, whereby the investment needed is only the developers down payment, not the full amount.

You can now get the 10-year UAE Golden Visa for AED 19,900 only. This package is inclusive of VIP Medical & Biometrics, Emirates ID Application, Government visa costs and our professional service fees.


  • 10 years of UAE Residency.

  • No sponsor or employer is required.

  • There is no maximum limit to applying for domestic workers' visas/work permits.

  • Applicant's spouse and unmarried children, one executive director, and one advisor may be added at no additional investment.

  • The limitation period to stay outside the UAE does not apply for the visa holders; i.e., the visa is not cancelled if the holder lasts outside the country for more than six months.

  • The residence visa is granted to family members of visa holders, including spouses and children, with no age limit.

  • Favorable tax regime for investors — with no personal income, capital, net worth, or withholding tax (except for those levied in the domestic banking and oil sectors), and several double-tax treaties in place.


There are a number of compelling reasons why investors should think about investing in the UAE. The UAE is, first and foremost, a safe and secure nation with a robust economy. There are several opportunities for investors to participate in a variety of industries in the UAE, which has a very business-friendly climate. For investors, the UAE also provides a number of tax benefits, including no personal income tax and no capital gains tax.

The UAE's expanding market is another justification for investing there. The UAE's population is expanding quickly, and demand for goods and services is also rising. As a result, investors can expand their firms and access new markets. The UAE also features a youthful, educated population that is financially independent. Because of this, businesses that provide luxury goods and services find the UAE to be an appealing market.

The UAE also has a golden visa scheme for investors who meet certain requirements. The golden visa program offers access to free healthcare and education as well as permanent visas for investors and their families. With the help of this program, investors can live and work more easily in the UAE and have access to a variety of advantages that raise the allure of investing there.

In conclusion, purchasing a property for AED 2 million is a wonderful approach to obtaining the UAE permanent residency. If you are considering purchasing real estate in the UAE, this is a fantastic choice to take into account since the visa is undoubtedly loaded with advantages.


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