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UAE replaces residency visa stamps in passports

Credits: Esquire Middle East

The residency visa allows a foreign national to live and work in the country for a specific period of time. After the expiration of the residency visa, the foreign national must leave the country or renew the visa to continue to stay in the country. In order to obtain a residency visa, you must meet certain requirements, including having a valid passport, being able to provide documentation proving your residence in the country for the required period of time, and having no criminal history. If you are granted a residency visa, you are allowed to stay in the country for as long as your visa allows.

As always UAE's working towards making our life here more comfortable as ever! The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security issued a circular stating that residents don't require a residency visa sticker stamped onto their passports anymore. Holding an Emirates ID alone would count as their residency. The changes only affect the visas issued after the 11th of April, but information from prior visas will be accessible through the citizenship authority's smart application.

What does this mean for Residents & Tourists in the UAE?

'The country has replaced its residency visa stamps with the Emirates ID', this is great news for residents of the UAE! This change means that residents will no longer need to present their residency visas when traveling outside the country. This is a huge step forward for residents, as it will make traveling and living in the UAE much easier. Even at the airport, Residents' Emirates ID and passport number will be used to verify residency.

New-gen Emirates ID

The UAE government has not just announced that it is replacing residency visa stamps, it has also revealed that all residents will be introduced to a new-gen Emirates ID. According to the authority, the ICA smart application allows users to access an electronic copy of their ID after submitting an issuance or renewal request, and that the new generation of Emirates ID cards issued to foreigners residing in the country will have all details mentioned earlier in the residency stamp, including personal and professional data, the issuer, and other readable and non-readable data on the card's face.

UAE is trying to promote it's economy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is trying to promote its economy by replacing the residency visa stamps in passports with electronic visas. The move is part of an effort by the UAE to attract more tourists and businesses to the country. According to the Dubai Media Office, the new passport design "will reflect the modern face of the UAE, positioning it as a global destination for travel and investment." By this significant change, UAE is once again advancing itself on a technological aspect. The old residency visa stamps will continue to be used in passports until they are replaced by electronic visas.


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