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Best Beach Clubs in Dubai

Beat the heat at one of Dubai’s top-rated beach clubs this summer! Our experts from the concierge team have put together this guide just for you.

SAN Beach Club

The reason SAN Beach Club made our list of the top beach clubs in Dubai is because it radiates positivity, connection, and tranquillity. Relax and head to the chic lounge chairs and cabanas while your feet stomp over the smooth sand, all set against the sparkling Dubai skyline. This is a calm location where you can genuinely nourish both your body and mind. You can anticipate delectable salads, lusciously fresh seafood, and beach snacks.


DRIFT Beach Club's breathtaking views of Palm Island Bay and Dubai's unbeatable skyline epitomize understated elegance. The simple elegance of the design can be seen throughout, from the sun loungers and cabanas beside the infinity pool to the private beach. DRIFT offers a variety of quick beach snacks, from edamame to chipotle chicken tacos, nutritious bowls, pizzas, and sandwiches to savor while basking in the desert sun.

EVA Beach club

The new holistic hangout is a Tulum-style beach club with floor-to-ceiling windows that let natural light shine through its delicate features and native-style wooden furnishings. This beach club is a slice of Instagram heaven because of its native-style wooden décor and natural light. Pizzas, homemade pasta, lighter options like seafood salad, cheese & truffle gyozas, and a variety of maki are all available on the beach menu.

February 30

A beautiful gathering place with eye-catching red and white striped loungers and umbrellas and hints of the outdoors, February 30 Beach Club evokes a playful mood. The popular Beirut brand has a beach bar, lounge, and restaurant, which creates the ideal atmosphere for spending a relaxing, sunny weekend with friends.

Cove Beach

With an option of lounging on the golden sand beach or by the pool and Jacuzzis, Cove Beach is the ideal spot to unwind thanks to the laid-back Mediterranean ambience. The modern beach club, which is housed in the renowned Caesers Palace from Las Vegas in Bluewaters Dubai, offers a variety of cuisines with a wide selection of salads, seafood, smoothies, and an impressive selection of ice cream jars.

​​Start planning your trip today! Our concierge team at Adler & Partners can guide you through your stay to make your stay in Dubai as memorable as possible.


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