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Citizenship by Investment is a way to gain a second citizenship and passport by investing in another country and their local economy. There are various ways to do this including investing in real estate, government bonds, establishing a business and development funds amongst other options.The amount required to invest can vary greatly depending on the CBI program and the type of investment chosen, however CBI programs will always be a faster route than the traditional immigration process.

The most attractive CBI programs offer great tax incentives and, if they are part of the EU, the Commonwealth or Schengen Zone, they can also offer great travel opportunities with minimal restrictions, temporary and permanent residency as well as business opportunities which include export trading and duty-free import.

To get the most out of your CBI, it’s important to know what your goals are. The most highly prioritized goals include the freedom of travel without restriction, financial benefits, business opportunities, education for yourself and dependents as well as a better lifestyle. You will also need to be clear on how much are willing to invest, if you wish to live in your chosen country and the kind of investment that you prefer to make into that country.

With the right research and planning, you can then discuss your options with our citizenship experts who can advise you on the best direction and action plan which best suits you, your family and your goals so you can get the most out of your investment into the future.


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