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Countries offering Citizenship by Investment give applicants a variety of investment options to choose from that come with different invest amounts and benefits. The first and most popular option is investing into Real Estate. These are in government approved projects that are either residential or commercial. Depending on the country they can be condo developments, time share resorts or luxury villas which the investor is able to sell after a minimum holding period that is usually around five years.

Another investment option to obtain citizenship is purchasing government bonds without risking capital or being personally involved in a business enterprise. The respective countries government guarantees the bonds and your full investment is returned without accruing interest at the end of the minimum holding period.

If your looking to expand your entrepreneurial empire by owning and running your own business in a different country, this option is the correct option for you. Most countries require for you to invest in an either existing business or to start your own with a minimum investment amount. Another requirement for this option is that you have to hire locally.

Lastly there is also the option of a non refundable donation to a government supported program. This is usually the most economic option but unlike the others your investment will not be returned to you in time. However, it is a philanthropic way to contribute to your new country’s economic development while making a positive impact.


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