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Setting Up A Business in Dubai - Myths and Facts

Setting up a business in Dubai is an exciting venture, but it's often surrounded by misconceptions. In this guide, we expose some common myths about business setup in Dubai and reveal the facts that will help you start your entrepreneurial journey with ease and confidence.

Myth 1: Business Setup in Dubai is Very Expensive

Many assume that establishing a business in Dubai requires a substantial investment. However, Dubai's business-friendly environment, minimal bureaucracy, and low taxes make it more cost-effective compared to other regions like Europe or Russia. With no personal income tax and VAT as low as 5%, Dubai is a tax haven for most businesses. Adler & Partners can guide you through this business-friendly landscape to ensure your setup is efficient and cost-effective.

Myth 2: Business Setup in Dubai is Complicated

The misconception that it's difficult for foreigners to set up a business in Dubai is not supported by the numbers. According to the Department of Economic Development Dubai, 95% of all companies in the UAE are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and 89% of the population are non-UAE citizens. This shows that foreigners are the majority of business owners in Dubai, disproving the myth of complexity.

The setup process involves just three basic steps:

  1. Obtain your Dubai Business License.

  2. Acquire your UAE Residence Visa.

  3. Set up your Dubai bank account.

The entire business setup process can be completed in as little as one week with Adler & Partners' expert assistance.

Myth 3: You Must Know Arabic to Conduct Business in Dubai

Another common myth is that Arabic is required to conduct business in Dubai. The fact is, that English is widely spoken and serves as the common language for business transactions. Most written documents and verbal business communications are in English, allowing non-Arabic speakers to conduct business without difficulty.

Myth 4: Dubai Has Stringent Laws

While Dubai has firm laws, they are designed to ensure safety and order in a city with over 200 nationalities. These laws contribute to Dubai's reputation as one of the safest places in the world. As long as you respect the law, you'll find peace and security in Dubai.

At Adler & Partners, we help you navigate these myths, offering professional guidance to ensure your business setup is seamless and stress-free. If you're ready to take the next step, book your free consultation with us today, and let us help you turn your business dreams into reality.

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